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For the last twenty years, Charlotte Viener & Associates, a New Orleans, Louisiana based law firm has been working exclusively in the area of Immigration and Nationality Law. Although our office is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, our lawyers represent immigrants and employers throughout the United States and the World and offer legal services in nearly all aspects of immigration law. We pride ourselves on providing quality professional services to all of our clients. We are up-to-date on the latest legal technologies that can help make your immigration process run smooth and efficiently. Immigration law can literally change from day to day. Because our office only handles Immigration cases, you can be assured that our Attorneys have the dedicated knowledge and expertise to make sure you or your loved ones obtain the results you are seeking.

At Charlotte Viener and Associates, we understands that the immigration process can be overwhelming and complicated. Our highly-trained Attorneys and Staff will ensure you understand every step of the process and most importantly keep you informed about every aspect of your case. Whether you just have general immigration question, are seeking a family or employment visa, want to become a US Citizen or are an employer wanting to sponsor a foreign worker, contacting the legal team at Charlotte Viener & Associates is your first step in the right direction. In addition, our office handles removal (deportation) cases before the Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Our office can be reached in a variety of ways. To contact Charlotte Viener directly, please email charlotte@neworleansimmigration.com. To schedule an in-person appointment or even a simple phone consultation, you can call our office directly at 504-581-5051 or send an email to ruth@neworleansimmigration.com.

We look forward to meeting you and making your Immigration dreams a reality.

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In Immigration Law


A petition for permanent legal residency status in the United States. Also known as obtaining your “green card.”


A process in which foreign nationals not currently residing in the U.S. can obtain permanent legal status (a “green card”) via the U.S. embassy in their home country.


Those granted Deferred Action are deemed eligible to apply for work authorization and will receive a temporary reprieve from deportation for a period of 2 years.


The process for obtaining permanent residence based on employment. We help by simplifying a rather complicated process.


Applies to those who have a US or LPR son or daughter. Qualified applicants will receive relief from deportation as well as work authorization for an initial three year period.


H-1B visas are available to foreign skilled or semi-skilled workers who come to the United States for an initial 3-year period to perform services in a “specialty occupation.”


Also known as a fiancé visa. A U.S. citizen who is engaged to a foreign national may petition to have his or her fiancé(e) enter the country in order for them to marry.


For those interested in applying for U.S. citizenship, we can assist you through the entire process from application filing to the swearing-in ceremony.


For those placed in removal proceedings, forms of relief exist that may allow the person to remain in the U.S.


Employers typically file temporary work visas in order to bring in skilled or semi-skilled workers to fill a specific need such as seasonal or peak-manufacturing needs.

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